Destiny Never Came

New Champions

My birthday is Friday and this is probably the worst way I could of started the week off.

I need to cross the boarder.

I miss when I used to sleep for long periods of time.

Give, expect nothing, be content.

who the fuck are you?

I’m the kid who’s futon you sat on and watch sharknado with two days ago

KING 810 - Killem All
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Some sic sludgewave for y’all


Criminal Instinct

I wish I could get in my car and just drive like I used to. I miss driving 10 hours to a hotel room where I could just sit and be away while all the worries of life were paused. These bitter emotions that keep coming out lately aren’t something I enjoy, in fact it sucks. The more good things or effort I put into people the more negative things happen to me. Life isn’t so bad, I’m just in need of change.


Kevin Steen
More Date with a Wrestler! 

I wish I was a character on Bob’s Burgers.


Metallica - Nothing Else Matters